The CEO of this business unit wanted to transform his human resources function to support the company’s strategy of rapid international expansion. The objectives of the assignment were to shape the new global HR strategy and build an HR team that could truly partner with the business, as well as inspire and obtain high levels of engagement from all associates.


Completed a satisfaction survey and conducted interviews to establish an internal diagnosis of the HR function and clarify needs and expectations from the various stakeholders. A new global HR strategy was defined and deployed around three mobilizing dimensions. Upgraded the HR team and replaced three key HR roles. Nudged the executive team toward greater involvement and accountability in talent development issues.


Strong buy-in from the workforce on the new HR direction, the greater dynamism of the HR team and the increased involvement of the executive committee in HR matters. The North American regional business unit obtained the highest score within the Group’s “Best Place to Work” survey. The business unit CEO received the “Talent Award” of the year from the Group’s Chairman and CEO.

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