September 2019 — The stories of four executive ‘lifers’ who found stretching and flourishing while working in just one company.

We have now been writing about radical and disruptive career transitions for almost five years. As we continued to explore more stories from extreme career changers, we inescapably stumbled across this question along the way: What about those who do not change? Is this by choice? Is it good luck? Is it a cop-out? Knowing that there are no longer many careers for life, we wanted to seek out some examples of those who did stay for the whole of or almost all of their career in one company. What drew them in? Why did they stay? Was it planned that way? And are there typical personality or company profiles that make this more likely? Read on to meet four lifers, and see what you think.

When Ricardo’s parents required him to return to his home country to obtain his Spanish degree on top of his European “grande école” qualification in business, they probably did not realize that they were changing his professional path completely. He left Paris with two enviable offers from consumer companies in hand to complete his Spanish diploma. By the time he returned to France, a year later, economic conditions had changed and he was no longer welcome in the same area. So he returned to Spain, in the hope of being able to play on his multilingual strengths as well as his experience and academics to date.

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