The 4 Es of Successful Career Transitions

June 2018 — Kavitha, a Canadian national, played tennis from a very early age. Her sporting skills and academic prowess earned her a place at Princeton and Oxford universities, as well as a spot on junior Grand Slam tournaments such as the U.S. Open and Wimbledon…

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The Mindset That Fosters Career Agility

August 2017 — In the 1990s, when Subhanu Saxena was about to be promoted PepsiCo’s CFO in Africa, a higher-up asked him if he would consider going to Russia instead. Accepting meant he would shift to a line role for the first time, on a turnaround assignment, no less…

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Talent Management for the Age of Career Disruption

June 2017 – Most companies are shooting themselves in the foot in the “war for talent”. As we discovered while researching our forthcoming book, “Disrupt Your Career: How to Navigate Uncharted Career Transitions and Thrive,” there is serious misalignment between the priorities of employers and those of sought-after talents.

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When Baby Boomers Create a Second-Act Career

October 2016 – After spending years advancing in their careers, many seasoned professionals debut in second acts that combine purpose with a paycheque. In this article, we look at five baby boomers from around the world enjoying a satisfying finale.

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What Diaspora Executives Learned When They Returned Home

August 2016 – The tide of brain drain from developing to developed nations has turned as a growing number of highly skilled Indians, Chinese, Brazilians or Nigerians flock back to their countries after a long time away. In this article, through the stories of five diaspora executives who returned ‘back home’, we reveal the key challenges […]

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Starting Your Career Far from Home

June 2016 – If you are seeking adventure and accelerated learning, take the plunge and ensure you get “far away” early on in your career. This article looks at four successful professionals, each at a different stage of his or her career, and tries to observe patterns and trends, to learn how international assignments can be used […]

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Finding a Route Back to Work After a Long Career Break

April 2016 — Getting back to work after a prolonged break is rarely easy. But stories of women and men who went through this transition can teach us how to better navigate a way back in.

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Boot Camp to Boardroom: Making a Success of Leaving the Military

December 2015 – What happens to military officers when they are leaving the battlefield and decide to join the world of business? This article explores, via the story of five former military men and women, exactly what the transition feels like, with more or less support, and seeks lessons in making it more effective and […]

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Jumping Hurdles From the Stadium to the Corporation

September 2015 – Many of us may idolise great sporting stars and see them as forever young. But we tend to forget to wonder about what the future brings for them, beyond their last Olympic podium. However, for most of them, there is a next chapter, once their bodies are no longer able to cooperate […]

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How to Transition From Consulting to C-Suite

June 2015 — While former management consultants represent only 5% or so of CEO transitions over the past ten years across the world, evidence from a recent study by Spencer Stuart would suggest that consultants are more than worthy of consideration for a role at the top.  This does not necessarily indicate that all consultants should […]

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