Should You Be a Career Lifer?

September 2019 — The stories of four executive ‘lifers’ who found stretching and flourishing while working in just one company.

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Pivoting Into Business After an Artistic Career

March 2019 — Many performance artists make the choice to leave the stage at some point long before they are ready to retire. What happens to those who move to business roles?

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Finding Your True Calling In or Out of Medicine

February 2019 — Four professionals who have been both medics and executives share their stories of moving in or out of the medical profession.

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Making the Leap to Entrepreneurship

January 2019 — Three former corporate executives who migrated to the start-up world share their stories and tips.

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From the Boardroom to the Classroom

December 2018 — How business executives bring their wisdom and passion from the “real world” to enrich education.

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Lessons for Boardroom Debutantes

July 2018 — Three women non-executive directors share their tips for anyone aspiring to join the boardroom.

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The 4 Es of Successful Career Transitions

June 2018 — Kavitha, a Canadian national, played tennis from a very early age. Her sporting skills and academic prowess earned her a place at Princeton and Oxford universities, as well as a spot on junior Grand Slam tournaments such as the U.S. Open and Wimbledon…

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The Mindset That Fosters Career Agility

August 2017 — In the 1990s, when Subhanu Saxena was about to be promoted PepsiCo’s CFO in Africa, a higher-up asked him if he would consider going to Russia instead. Accepting meant he would shift to a line role for the first time, on a turnaround assignment, no less…

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Talent Management for the Age of Career Disruption

June 2017 – Most companies are shooting themselves in the foot in the “war for talent”. As we discovered while researching our forthcoming book, “Disrupt Your Career: How to Navigate Uncharted Career Transitions and Thrive,” there is serious misalignment between the priorities of employers and those of sought-after talents.

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When Baby Boomers Create a Second-Act Career

October 2016 – After spending years advancing in their careers, many seasoned professionals debut in second acts that combine purpose with a paycheque. In this article, we look at five baby boomers from around the world enjoying a satisfying finale.

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